IV sedation, also known as intravenous sedation or conscious sedation, is a type of treatment for patients who experience high levels of stress or anxiety in the dental office. Depending on the type of procedure, we may provide IV sedation to help you be aware during treatment so you can listen to the instructions from our dentist but also feel as comfortable as possible. The sedative involves a period of amnesia that gradually wears off after your treatment, meaning you may not remember what happened during your visit and you may feel as if you have slept through the procedure.

To help determine if IV sedation is the right type of treatment for you, our dentist will also need to meet with you beforehand to talk about your medical history and dental needs. In order to best prepare you for treatment, we recommend that you do not eat or drink anything for at least eight hours before you arrive. Our dentist will discuss further instructions with you in regard to any medications you may need to take. We also require you to have someone, either a family member or friend, drive you to and from your appointment for your safety. You are likely to feel groggy or sleepy after your treatment, and you will need someone to assist you during this time.

We welcome you to learn more about IV sedation and get started on your dental care by calling us today and setting up a visit with our dentist. We look forward to caring for your smile!