Tissue Graft

Tissue Graft

Healthy gums play a crucial role in supporting overall oral health. They act as a shield to protect your teeth and jawbones from bacterial attacks. They also help to hold your teeth firmly in position and protect your teeth from extreme temperature sensitivity. A healthy gum line also gives you a lovely smile. 

What is a Tissue Graft?

Tissue grafting, also referred to as a gum graft or a soft tissue graft, is a procedure planned to restore your gum tissues' health and regular appearance. With tissue grafting, the damage caused by the recession of gums can be repaired. The procedure is started by administering a local anesthetic to numb the surgical area. Once the area is numbed, the soft tissue removed from another portion of your mouth is attached over the areas of the recession site. If required, donor tissues can be used for the purpose. The natural gum tissue and the donor tissue begin to fuse while you heal, and the tissue forms a tight, protective seal around your teeth.

What are the different types of Tissue Graft?

There are three main categories of tissue grafts: 

  • Connective tissue graft: It is one of the most commonly used tissue grafting procedures. In this procedure, a thin layer of gum tissue is removed from the roof of your mouth and placed over the recession site to thicken the gum tissue in the desired location. Finally, the area that received the gum graft is carefully closed with sutures. 
  • Free gingival graft: In this technique, a small piece of soft tissue is removed straight from the roof of your mouth, thus leaving a superficial wound that typically heals in two weeks. This type of graft is employed when more vital tissues are needed.
  • Donor graft or allograft:An allograft makes use of donor tissue to add thickness to the gums in the gingival recession site. This type of grafting is considered for esthetic purposes or where lengthy areas of recession are present or in cases where it is not feasible to take a graft from the roof of the mouth. 

What are the benefits of Tissue Graft?

There are several benefits to tissue grafting:

  • A tissue graft helps to restore your oral health. With a gum graft, the effects of gum recession can be stopped or averted. As a result, you will be able to clean the teeth more effectively and reduce the inflammation in your gingival tissues.
  • The teeth's roots and your jawbone are protected from new bacterial invasion with the restoration of the gum line and the tightening of the tissues around your teeth.
  • Tooth sensitivity, which happens as a result of gum recession, is relieved.
  • The recession of the gums and an uneven gum line can seriously affect your confidence and cause you to hide your smile. With a tissue graft, your smile and your spirit are reinstated.

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